5 Awesome Things You Wish You Had

5 Awesome Things You Wish You Had

Check out this 5 cool stuff to buy on Amazon that you wish you have right now.


FUUT – Put your foot up on the hammock under the desk comfortable for your foot

It can be very hard if you sit for long periods of time without extending your legs. Luckily this product allows you to stretch your hamstrings just under your desk. The ropes and canvas are sturdy enough to hold your feet for hours. It is adjustable and easy to install.


Bottle Opener Ring by Island Dogs

Great conversation starter at parties where everyone is looking for that bottle opener. Very cheap and works great. The ring is made from thick steel for durability. You better know your ring size because the seller allows you to choose one on checkout. Great gift for your drinking buddies.


Universal Waterproof Case, MoKo Cellphone Dry Bag with Armband Neck Strap

We know your brand new phone is waterproof but are you brave enough to take pictures underwater? If not, you can always get these universal waterproof case from MoKo. Your phone’s touch screen can function well while inside the case because of its thin and transparent windows. It fits almost all smartphones today. You can use it for swimming, fishing, beach, and sailing.


OliaDesign Self Stirring Coffee Mug

The perfect mug for Mondays. When you are too lazy to stir your coffee, this mug will do it for you. It takes two triple A batteries for it to run. Can be used on coffee, tea or any beverage. Fun to use and saves time too.


Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game

A game where you can see your friends get an electric shock. The rules are simple: Each player will grab a handle. The button on the center is pressed to start the suspenseful music. When the red light turns green, each player will need to press the trigger button as quick as possible. If you press last, you get zapped. Imagine the hours of laughter and fun this will bring to your friends and family. It runs on tree triple A batteries. The electric shock strength is adjustable.

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