Steps Involved to Avail Loans through Moneylenders Singapore

Steps Involved to Avail Loans through Moneylenders Singapore

Loans that are obtained from Moneylenders Singapore are provided through a very easy and quick process. Loans can be provided as secured loans and unsecured loans. Money lenders also provide loans against a guarantee or sometimes without any guarantee. For providing such loans, the borrowers will have to pay back interest for the loan taken.

Application ProcessMoneylenders Singapore

The process of application is very easy. All you have to need is to apply online for a loan. You will then be provided a customized play to help you with the loan. The loan amount will depend on the purpose of the loan and the repayment ability. Once you are satisfied with the plan, all the details will be provided as a contract. All the terms and conditions will be transparently provided for the convenience of the borrower. The borrower can then obtain the loan amount immediately on signing the contract to show his assent to the terms and conditions presented.

Documents Required

There are various documents that have to be provided to get the loan. The borrower will have to provide his identity proof. His proof of residence should also be provided. A tenancy agreement can also be provided. The employment letter and the payslip details for three months will have to be provided as proof for income. SingPass will also have to be provided to log onto to websites such as CPF, HDB, etc. The income limit varies differently for permanent residents and foreigners. Foreigners will also have to provide their passport details. All details will be kept secure and safe.

Being in the business for many years, Moneylenders Singapore has been able to create a name for themselves as good and reliable lenders. By charging a reasonable rate of interest, they have been able to earn the trust of borrowers.

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