The Answer Is Fashion Jewelry

The Answer Is Fashion Jewelry

A quote by Edith Head which is an American costume designer that has won several awards for best costume design goes like this “You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.” It tells us how fashion can affect not only our looks but as well as our way of thinking. What better way to add more flair to our outfit than by wearing trendy fashion jewelry.

fashion jewelryThe Egyptians were the first to be recorded to have involved themselves in jewelry making. Their preferred metal is gold because of its features. Precious metals and gems where crafted to be worn by the rich and powerful.

Fashion jewelry is the result of fine jewelries. They were first made as replicas because wearing real jewelries daily can be risky. A jewelry can attract a lot of unwanted attention from people with bad intentions. Fashion jewelries are made from cheap materials therefore the price is very low which means you don’t break a sweat if it gets lost or stolen. If you are wondering about the designs, there are a lot which you can choose from, even more designs compared to fine jewelries.

Different materials are used in creation of a trendy fashion jewelry. Jewelry chains are covered in gold-plated in order to create a an exquisite shine that only the element gold has. Extensive use of crystal and glass beads is needed to imitate a fine jewelry laden with gems.

These materials also need to be taken cared of. The materials are not as durable when compared to real gems and metals. Some parts are made of plastic which can easily lose its shine if it comes in contact with corrosives. The gems are not scratch proof. Store your fashion jewelries in a dry place. You may use a zip lock to prevent dust and moist.


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