Go For A Licensed HVAC Contractor

Go For A Licensed HVAC Contractor

It can be very easy to get lured to hiring a cheap HVAC contractor in order to save money. The problem with this is that they are probably unlicensed. There are certain regulations that they need to follow when installing, repairing or upgrading your heating ventilation and air condition system. Besides, there are HVAC consumer financing if you don’t have enough money at the monent.

airconimagesix You know that your HVAC is the biggest factor your home is comfortable and cozy. Imagine it is winter and your heating system is broken. You will probably want to live somewhere else because of the extreme temperature. Try it during summer and turn off your air condition for a just one day. The heat will become unbearable for any one in your house.

Majority of the states require an HVAC contractor to be licensed in order to operate their business. A licensed HVAC contractor means that they have undergone training with regards to safety and technical knowledge.

In case something goes wrong and you hired an unlicensed HVAC contractor, it would be very hard to get your money back. You can’t complain to any government agency or association if they are a fly by night company.

A licensed HVAC contractor is required by law to get work and building permits. With an unlicensed contractor, they ignore this requirements. When something goes bad it is the owner of the house that is liable instead of the contractor.

Did you also know that when an unlicensed contractor is injured while working for you, you the homeowner is the one responsible for their medical expense. They don’t have insurance for that kind of work. A licensed contractor on the other hand has it all covered. They have insurance that can cover both injuries from work and damages to your home.

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